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Caregoed B.V. has the knowledge of brink, market value and finances. Before we decide to give a property consultation, we make of each property a comprehensive strength/weakness analysis. Caregoed B.V. keeps a close eye on the real estate market and is therefore well aware of recent developments and key players. Especially with private investors we have diverse projects in the pipeline.

As real estate consultants, we are active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Caregoed B.V. focuses on:

giving customized advice for (reinvestment or purchase of) properties, companies and care institutions. Furthermore we examine ways to optimize the investment value.buying and selling properties for developers with an emphasis on commercial and residential (care) homes.carrying out direct searches for locations and investments for a wide range of clients.finding a tenant / buyer for the new developments.

Caregoed B.V. is characterized by inventiveness, reliability and integrity where all assignments are executed with a professional mentality: 

"Do what you say and say what you do." This is our company slogan. This leads to a no-nonsense professional, reliable approach.

Polo Nederhorst

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